Pasteurella Multocida

Pasteurella multocida is the agent of fowl cholera, an infectious bacterial disease causing mortality in broiler breeder hens and roosters, and egg laying chickens. Epitopix has been making Autogenous SRP® bacterial extract against P. multocida for breeder turkeys since the late 1990’s.

Autogenous P. multocida isolates are normally obtained from the internal organs of affected chickens, or those chronically ill with lameness or swollen combs or wattles. It is recommended whenever possible to isolate pure cultures of P. multocida in a local diagnostic laboratory, before sending the samples to Epitopix. Because SRP technology is not dependent on serotype, Epitopix selects autogenous field isolates which produce the best array of commonly shared proteins, regardless of serotype.

Autogenous vaccines carry no USDA approved label claims for efficacy. Therefore, Epitopix recommends that autogenous SRP bacterial extract vaccines are used according to the recommendation of your poultry veterinarian. Autogenous SRP vaccines can be made in a variety of adjuvants, dose volumes, pathogen combinations, and routes of administration.

Autogenous SRP bacterial extracts for poultry are available through Epitopix.