Salmonella enterica is known for serotype variation. Poultry flocks in the US are often exposed to 3-5 serotypes or more, out of a group of 20-30 familiar strains. Serotypes such as Heidelberg, Kentucky, Enteritidis, Hadar, Senftenberg and Oranienberg offer very little hope for shared immunity by using conventional whole-cell bacterins. Common autogenous bacterins may contain 2-4 Salmonella serotypes, which results in tissue reactivity, causing local granulomas and sometimes hemorrhagic hepatopathy.

Autogenous SRP® bacterial extract technology offers a new way to approach Salmonella through the immune system. Starting with an isolate of any serotype from your own operation, Epitopix can make a purified SRP extract vaccine utilizing proteins which are conserved across all common Salmonella serotypes.

Autogenous vaccines carry no USDA approved label claims for efficacy. Therefore, Epitopix recommends that autogenous SRP bacterial extract vaccines are used according to the recommendation of your poultry veterinarian. Autogenous SRP vaccines can be made in a variety of adjuvants, dose volumes, pathogen combinations, and routes of administration.

Autogenous SRP bacterial extracts for poultry are available through Epitopix.